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The health and wellbeing of our staff and clients is always our priority. Due to the UK Government’s recent announcements, the vast majority of our staff are now working from home until further notice. We will also, of course, not be conducting any client visits for the foreseeable future.

We are utilising remote-working facilities to ensure our broking and claims services will continue as normal during this time. Our normal office telephone numbers are redirected. Please see below for additional contact numbers.

The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly causing significant strain on your business. Please remember, however, that it is critical that you maintain insurance cover.

It is important to note that, during times of mass unemployment, economic recession/strain and/or school holidays there is a significant increase in arson, theft and malicious damage crime.

We strongly recommend that you maintain all of your insurance policies to ensure your business will be protected during this difficult time and will be able to recommence trading after the crisis is over.


Usual Contact Telephone Numbers – Redirected


Broking – General Enquiries                                                        

+44 (0) 1372 385 985


RCS – Customers’ Goods Claims             

+44 (0) 1372 385 970

Broking Claims (all other claims)           

+44 (0) 1372 385 998

Accounts Enquiries

+44 (0) 1372 385 987


Additional Contact Telephone Numbers


Please see below for additional contact telephone numbers which you may use to contact some members of the team directly.

Account Executives                                   

Mark Davies                      07990 041879

Daniel Johnson                07967 756283

Frazer Clark                      07947 475459

Kelly Simmons                 07944 169162

Broking Directors                                       

Peter Doman                    07825 983471

Ria Houston                     07825 983472

Bob Tree                            07887 847532

Adam Kellaway                07415 868590

Claims Director                                                

Amy King                          07712 142359

Finance Director                                         

Sue Thorn                         07795 101383

Managing Director

Greg Wildman                   07825 983470




Please visit our industry specific pages for further details.

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